Best Sportsbook in Malaysia

Sportsbook Malaysia 2022

The Best Online Sportsbook in Malaysia

Sports betting has always been popular in Malaysia due to the favouritism of Malaysians towards sports events. With the advance of technology and easy access to the internet, sports betting has been easier to play than before. WinClub88, as the online casino with a long history in Malaysia, is your best choice for online sports betting.

Trusted Gambling Site since 2010

WinClub88, since 2010, have already been in the casino industry for more than 10 years. We have a mature and stable betting systems that is able to support millions of players over the world. In addition, WinClub88 betting is certified by Gaming Curacao, where we are legally operating.

1) Safe & Secure

We ensure all the players are played under a safe & secure environment where players’ information is kept credential. Our online casino is implemented with a strong website backend and firewalls. This ensures that our website is always able to protect users from hackers.

2) Best Betting Odds

WinClub88 Sportsbook has the best betting odds among all casinos in Malaysia. In another way, it means that you have higher chances to win more money at Winclub88!

3) Great Betting Options

As an online casino that serves players internationally, WinClub88 provides wide options for the players. You can choose to bet on all kinds of sports with different betting options. Interesting betting options that players can choose are Parlay, Money Line, Handicap Betting, Point Spread and many more.

Why is Sports Betting & Esports Betting Popular in Malaysia?

  • Convenience

With WinClub88 online casino sportsbook, it has given the players convenience to bet on sports/esports betting instantly, at anyplace and anytime. 

  • Low investment, Great Rewards

It only requires a small amount of betting while players are able to win back double/tripled or more reward back. The minimum bet of sports betting at WinClub88 is only RM2 if you play at CMD368 and RM10 for Saba Sport!

  • Great Casino Bonus

Many online casinos offer attractive online casino bonus for its players. At Winclub88, we offer especially more bonus and free credits on sports betting.